• Walls insulation
  • Attics insulation (using mineral wool / Styrofoam)
  • Ceilings insulation
  • Timbering buildings
  • Doors and windows installation
  • Acoustic isolation
  • Metal/wood/sheet rock constructions of internal walls

Work at height:

  • Making, cleaning, painting and maintenance of facade
  • installation of roof soffits
  • installation of railings, window sills, gutters, downspouts
  • installation of signs and advertisements
  • installation of anti-bird systems
  • mounting suspended ceilings

Finishing and refurbishment work:

  • painting
  • filling
  • decorative plaster
  • installation of floors, wood panels, tiles
  • sanitary fixtures and modifications
  • dismantling and demolition of walls

And moreā€¦

  • scaffolding rental
  • assembly / disassembly of metal scaffolding (polish Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining license)
  • transport of building materials
  • paving stones laying
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